Easter Sunday

Posted by fran onSunday Apr 20, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Lambs, Love & Lots of Chocolate Eggs

Happy Easter Sunday everyone, check out the most adorable little lambs that the lovely Bianca snapped during this week! Cuteness will definitely get them cuddles.

Spring is sunny than ever, and as we are based in the countryside it's the perfect time to take some photos in our gorgeous surroundings, so watch out for next weeks blog to see what we got up to over the bank holiday weekend.

Share you snaps with us, we'd love to see what you got up to this Easter... and how many chocolate eggs the Easter bunny delivered!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Silent Sunday

Posted by fran onSunday Apr 20, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Silent Sunday - March 20th

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Prezzybox HQ - Flowers, Fun & Food!

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Gardening, Games & An Egg-stra Amazing Easter!

We got out in the garden as we celebrated National Gardening Week thanks to our friends at Gift Republic who sent us some prezzies to plant! Feeling fresh this week the sun shone over Prezzybox HQ perfect weather to be out gardening and snapping the lovely pets of Prezzybox!

We now have our very own GROW station! The newest addition to Prezzybox will soon have us competing over who's is the biggest Sunflower and who will eat the hottest Jalapeno Pepper! Although I've a sneaky feeling we wont be seeing much money sprouting off our money plant...

It may not look like it from the photo, but we finally finished the clear out in the back - ready for a fresh lick of paint, seating and games for our lunchtime chill out zone!

The girls got recruiting new members for the netball team at work... regretfully so, as the MD A.K.A Zak Edwards, had a terrible mishap in his attempt to slam-dunk the netball hoop. #NeverPlayingAgain

Getting you egg-stra excited and organised for a fun filled family Easter, we've brought to you the Top 10 Easter Activities to Entertain the Kids, these simple Easter related games will get the kids happily hopping around with friends and family - and for us chocoholic grown-ups we've brought you some fun facts about our chocolate eating habits!

Did you know the average UK resident munches their way through 10kg of chocolate per year? Yep, sounds about right! Visit the Nation of Secret Chocolate Lovers to find out more!

Goaties Get the Munchies

This week Ben trampolined his way to the Holly leaves (wrong time of year Ben) cheeky little goat, Mash got her nose into our plants (those Jalepenos aren't ready yet Mashy) and they all enjoyed a good nosy into the going's on at Prezzybox, as well as a nice laze in the sun. 

Wondering what wonderful products we're loving this week? The Dicko Show is in the know!

'Easter is upon us and now could not be a better time to remember to stay healthy. As copious amounts of chocolate eggs decorate the shelves of every store, it might be wise to consider health-conscious alternatives. Please don't get me wrong; the last thing I want is to stop eating chocolate. Ever.

But can chocolate ever be good for your health? Thanks to Prezzybox and Dr. Indulgence, I now have the answer...'

To find out more visit

Share with us all your egg-scellent Easter related photos over our social pages: Facebook, Twitter, G+

Thanks for stopping by the Prezzyblog!


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Spring Has Sprung

Posted by fran onFriday Apr 11, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Sun, Spring & Easter Entertainment

Now we are in the full swing of Spring and Easter is on the approach, we are egg-static now the sun is coming out! It's not just eggs we've had on the brain this week with birthday boy Techy Tony bringing in a big batch of Krispy Kremes, those doughnuts didn't last long in this office! We also had a box of egg-stra colourful cakes delivered to Prezzybox HQ this Friday from our friends at Locayta who have re-branded as Attraqt!

As mega chocoholics here at Prezzybox we have in some quirky takes on the traditional Chocolate Easter Egg and even more Egg related gifts! As the average UK resident munches their way through 10kg of chocolate per year ...  it looks like we're a Nation of Secret Chocolate Lovers...

Get your house ship shape for visitors this Easter... after all us Brits love a good BBQ as soon as a little sun shines over us! These guides to a happy home life will have you springing into action and ready for those Easter activities with or without the kids! Family life has never been easier with these 23 ways to whip your house into shape.

Our everyday office game has suddenly turned a little more competitive... Barney's 'Guess The Song' is now having bets placed, be it all of 10p a day! Whilst serious Sam has begun a strategic spreadsheet of songs to base his bets on... us lot still aimlessly carry on gambling on any old band that pings into our brain. We are however under strict rules of no OASIS or BLUR when listening to Absolute 90's - especially during the week of Brit Pop's 20th anniversary! Wish us 2020 Barney will be carrying a rather heavy suitcase of coinage if none of us have won by then!

So why not bring about an edible and egg-citing chance for a sweet win this Easter! Well, that's just what we did...we're even offering you the chance to win a huge bundle of creative cooking kitchen gadgets - ready to whip up some fabulous food over the holidays! Enter before it's too late on our Facebook Page or Twitter.

Gorgeous Goaties - Come out to play!

Finally, thanks to the sun deciding to make an appearance, our gorgeous Goaties have came out to play this week - wouldn't we all love to lounge around in the sun all day scoffing away cornflakes and watching other people work!

Enjoy the weekend!

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Prezzybox, Pranksters & Pets!

Posted by fran onFriday Apr 4, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Humorous Happenings

With people flitting in and out of the office all week, it's been a quiet one here at Prezzybox HQ. But with never a dull moment, it's lived up to it's strange and silly ways once again...

Along came the classic day of tomfoolery, and the pranksters of Prezzybox (customer services) set about staging their first hoax! Oh yes, the standard 'salt instead of sugar'... I'm pretty sure Sharon immediately spat out that shocking coffee - lovingly made by Gareth of course!

Encouraging Sharon to go downstairs later on that day with the MD keeping her entertained for a while, the tricksters got back to work coating her head set in a nice layer of moisturiser...oblivious, Sharon's next phone call of course began with an 'Eww!' and a sticky, yet soft face.  All this fun got us thinking about some payback pranks with some April Fools Revenge... hounds will be chasing around your clown after a wash with our Bacon Soap!

Keep updated with fun, facts, products and offers by signing up to the Newsletter  located at the bottom of the Homepage.

Talking of hounds...there was no resisting Bianca, when Max visited again this week...this little pup is most likely to be adopted (stolen) by the Prezzybox team landing himself a place amongst the pets of Prezzybox, and seeing as it was still April Fools... there was still time for one last laugh. You've guessed it, doggy treats inside Sharon's handbag, Max's snout was sniffing away hoovering up biccies and dragging Sharon's bag with him!

Ever the centre of Prezzybox, our MD (Zak) was keeping the catwalk casual, strutting around the office in the new addition to this week, 'The Who Parker Dressing Gown'. Rocking the rock star look, we got thinking about all things 'My Generation' this week, reminiscing over retro choc and sweets and we even threw in a chance for a win... so to get your hands on a mighty chew, enter on our Facebook or Twitter for some nostalgic nibbles.

Doing our bit for charity one month from now on Saturday 3rd May we will be holding a Family Fun Day at Tamworth Rugby Club 12pm-4pm in order to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital, keep updated with the official Facebook Family Fun Day event page.

The goaties have been hiding away in this weeks cold and cloudy weather, so we thought we'd give you a little peek into a different kind of Prezzybox Pet this week. Little do you know about just how little they are...


Yes, Ants. Our queen has laid her eggs (on her way here in some cotton wool might I add) and her workers have been keeping her fed and cosy. We've a feeling they might not have entirely the right idea though, as they've managed to pretty much bury themselves in the smallest container!


 See you next week!

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Silent Sunday

Posted by fran onSunday Mar 30, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Silent Sunday - March 30th

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All Things Momma & More!

Posted by fran onThursday Mar 27, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Prezzybox & Momma Madness!

Food Glorious Food!

'Cake again?' I hear you say! Yes, once again we've been treated, this week by our lovely accountant Jean who brought in choccy cake, jammy doughnuts, and delicious eclairs! I've a feeling people have been playing Chinese Whispers at Prezzybox HQ, because we get given so many goodies...maybe a simple story about 'spotting a starling' somehow managed to turn into something about us all 'starving!', well, however it began, all of us flocked for a slice of Jean's birthday cake! We also had the pleasure of meeting her new puppy Max... all the girls were gushing over his cuteness of course!

Mother's Day

With a frosty start to the week, we focused on how we could help you lot lead a happy and healthy home life as well as set you up with some activities to do at home with the kids!

So what better way to bring a little sparkle to mums mad life than with something sentimental? We had just the thing to get the kids crafting and colouring mums pretty portrait! We had some incredible entries and our winner even won mum some sweet treats for Mother's Day, click here for the video! The Independent were also liking the look of our research on 'The Value of Mum' showing this important role in the household as a reason to treat her this Mother's Day!

We all know mum's are superheroes, and we've all compared our mum to those sitcom and soap mums, but which one of these is your mum and what gift would you get her this Mother's Day? Visit our apps Who Is Your Superhero Mum and Sitcom and Soap TV Mums this week to find out!

After all that hard work getting you lot the best facts, figures and fun stuff on Mums that we could think of, our MD began to plan the revamp of the break room! Upon receiving an email as to whether to have a Playstation or Xbox in the back room it was safe to say us girls looked very blankly at one another...

Feeling a bit reminiscent this week our MD purchased a rather fantastic 90's artwork, with Neil Buchanan at the forefront this got me thinking should Prezzybox attempt a 'Big Art Attack'... and if so, what should we create? Any ideas... go on and tell us, you know you want to see how that would pan out!

Go Goaties Go!

The 'Goatopia' big build began last week and since that trampoline's been outside... it may not only be the goaties that have been testing it out! It's just too tempting! Pickles was on the watch out for that banana skin, not risking the trampoline but climbing the wall, and Ben was the first to go solo braving the trampoline!

Finally the end of the week saw the trampoline turn into more of a mini paddling pool for our goaties... like us they've stayed in the warm.

That's all for now, have a great Mother's Day this Sunday!


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Silent Sunday

Posted by fran onSunday Mar 23, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Silent Sunday - March 23rd

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Prezzybox Power!

Posted by fran onFriday Mar 21, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Capturing Country Life!

What would life be like if we didn't work at a place like this...? I think all of us here at Prezzybox HQ have found ourselves wondering this at some point or another, there's the large corporate firms based in tower blocks in London... and then there's us, in a little farmhouse style office in the beautiful countryside of Warwickshire. So whichever you'd rather... there's no denying Prezzybox brings about a humble and happy atmosphere - the perfect place to celebrate International Happiness Day that occurred this week!

Team PB finally got that hoop up last Friday, so feeling good the girls (and guys) immediately began busting some moves on the netball court a.k.a goaties grass outside! The MD also got involved... risking some tricks on the the mini trampoline! 'Hoops! I did it again!' will be back in the game, and maybe even gain some more members at lunch times!

As well as our friends from Chewbz bringing us some sweeties to snack on, we found out Lord Sugar himself also has rather a sweet tooth when he re-tweeted our retro Mini Popcorn Maker, nom sweet or salty it seems Lord Sugar might like the idea of a classic film night in or something that'll get that posh party popping!

We all love a bit of classic comedy, so in celebration of Tommy Cooper's birthday the MD dug out the fez and sported his style of head wear for the day!

So we realise student life is becoming more demanding, spring sees you handing in assignments, getting deeper into that overdraft - being so skint you will barely treat yourself to a grain of rice let alone Mum on Mother's Day. So Prezzybox decided to bring some competitions your way to make life a little simpler for you students strapped for cash, as well as prepare you for when you leave! Teaming up with Student Beans and The Student Guide we gave you the chance of two big bundle giveaways and brought to you an article for you final years and graduates... 17 Student Things You'll Miss.

On the run up to Mother's Day we are getting all creative with creatures and wondering who is most definitely Queen of Momma's in the Animal Kingdom...and offering you competitions perfect for budding little artists or just some Mum based fun!

So get social and enter our competition 'The Big Draw' running until March 26th! So this week we may have missed out on a homemade feast... probably because the mummy baker of Prezzybox wasn't here to offer her foodie expertise...  but who could argue when we stuck to simple but scrummy sandwich van Friday! Talking scrummy... you could win one 'Sweet!' prize if you enter! 

As for a bit of Goatie Goodness...

Mashy got a cuddle from Mummy B, our furry friends chilled in the sun, and the big build of 'Goatopia' got underway - with a rather large trampoline and a ramp! But our goaties needed a little hand to get them started as climbing experts! So of course, we enticed them with food ...


Well it's safe to say that was another strangely super week at Prezzybox!


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Prezzybox's Weekly World...

Posted by fran onThursday Mar 13, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Another Week in The World of Prezzybox

Another week at work, another week of wondrous weather outside Prezzybox HQ. First thing Monday morning our lovely buyer Amy announces her culinary cake baking skills over Sunday meant that we were entitled to a slice of some scrumptious victoria sponge. The best type of Prezzybox pick me up!

Tuesday saw our Prezzybox girls netball team ‘Hoops! I did it again!’ buzzing for battle – on the netball court of course – for this Thursday’s game! Upon arrival of a promised netball hoop and ball to practice at lunch time, the girls were outside bouncing and passing around the netball getting their heads in the game. Next thing on the to do list was to put up the netball hoop… ah… no drill, and there we were thinking  that the men of Prezzybox would have a miraculous man drawer that this would be safely stashed away in! Nope.

With Mother’s Day fast on the approach we've been brainstorming bundles of ideas to help you purchase the right products for mum, help mum’s out in the household, and come up with fun facts and famous people that show your mum is super comparing her to some crazy characters. So show your appreciation for mum and get reading our Articles -  more to come next week!

Forgetting there toolbox again on Wednesday the girls have given up until next week for the hoop to be put in place, but on that note, Prezzybox have teamed up with Kick Magazine in order to get you guys designing us a kit, the best ones will be featured in the next issue of Kick! To download the PDF sports person and go colour crazy, head over to Kick’s Website to enter! Or simply download here: Design_a_Kit.

Wednesday saw us featuring National No Smoking Day and replacing it with 5-a-day – for goats! A foggy start to Thursday was soon cheered up by our feast which had us licking our lips over a delicious Italian style dishes even including pudding! Lisa had us delving into another happy homemade lunch at Prezzybox!

Finally, are you curious about which celebrity you’ll be sharing your birthday with? Well Prezzybox will tell you on that special day, giving you a fun fact to remember – just follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out your celeb birthday buddy!

Thanks for stopping by the Prezzyblog!

Oh go on then... we'll give you one more peek at our week... our gorgeous goaties bounding in the sun!

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