Presents picked by the press!

If you're still struggling to decide on what to get that tricky person to buy for at Christmas time, then take a look at the most interesting and innovative gifts around... but don't just take our word for it, here's the experts top picks from!

Steepletone Record Player: The Times  say  "Vinyl is back or so they say. If you need something to play your dog-eared copy of Now That's What I Call Music 3 (back in the days when they still put pigs on the cover), this 60's inspired recordplayer will take 33's, 45's and even 78's (Spotify users welcome to Google that last bit)."

Beat Bot Robot Flat Pack speaker:  Sci-Fi London say "It's a great improvement on the internal speaker on said devices, and it has geek cred."

Elf on the shelf: The Sun say "This is a beautifully presented gift that's a really great idea."


Herbert Campervan Planter: Practical Motorhome Magazine say "This quirky and really rather cool ceramic planter is an ideal gift for those who like to cook or embellish their salads with herbs while on tour."

Mulled Wine Pot: The Daily mail featured this festive gift in their ultimate Christmas Gift Guide this week.

Animal Gift Wrap: Candis Magazine say "The prrr’fect packaging – make mini beasts, monsters or mammals!"

A present from Prezzybox to you...

Win a Festive City Break to the Christmas Market in Nuremberg!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year we've teamed up with our friends at Tourismus Nuernberg to bring you the chance to win a festive city break to the Christmas Market in Nuremberg!

The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is one of the oldest and certainly the most famous Christmas market in the world. In the wooden booths of this "little town of wood and cloth" visitors can find traditional, often hand-made Christmas decorations and delicious sweet treats. From Friday before the first Sunday in Advent untilChristmas Eve, the Old Town sparkles in the glow of thousands of lights and the enticing smells of mulled wine, gingerbread and bratwurst fill the air.

Your prize includes:

  • 2 return economy flights with Ryanair from London Stansted to Nuremberg
  • 3 nights accommodation at the Noris Hotel Nuremberg
  • Additional activities including:
    • 2 Nuremberg Tourist Cards, this includes entrance to all museums and attractions for 2 days, plus 2 days free travel on all public transport within Nuremberg
    • 2 tickets for the public sightseeing tour
    • 2 Christmas cards

To enter and read more about this competition visit our competition page here.

Have a wonderful winter!

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Back to School!

Posted by fran onFriday Aug 29, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Now, many of us at are 90's Kids, this meant a week of reminiscing over the coolest stationary and of course, crazy bones. So what were these necessary school items? That's right, pen erasers (that ripped your paper), glitter & smelly gel pens, not to mention the ridiculously hair styles Troll pencil toppers!

The standard first lesson back was giving out new note books, drawing all over them, and then being told to cover them immediately in patterned sticky back plastic before OFSTED decide to sneak in a visit...then being given a brief outline of the new years topics and maybe a quick video to ease you (and the teachers) back into the educational year.

So seeing as its back to school time for all those new kids on the block, we thought we'd get you parents checking out the new crazes and essentials, 90's Lunchables are out and back have returned the traditional lunch box!

Check out our guide to back to school essentials! Visit our Back to School Category to buy!



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The Lovely Bones – By Alice Sebold

Posted by fran onWednesday Aug 6, 2014 Under General Ramblings


Set in Pennsylvania in 1973, the story centres around 14 year old Susie Salmon and her fatal decision to take a shortcut home from school through a cornfield.  Unfortunately for Susie her neighbour Mr. Harvey is also in the cornfield and his intentions are far from neighbourly.  He lures Susie to an underground den where he rapes and murders her.  It maybe the end of Susie’s life on Earth, but it is very much the start of the story.

In life Susie doesn’t feel she has much impact, but from the vantage of her heaven she watches as her death has a profound effect on her family and class mates.  She is powerless to act as first her dad and then her sister realise Mr. Harvey’s guilt, but are unable to bring him to justice.

Initially Susie’s murder rips her family and friends apart, but through Susie’s narration we watch as they learn to deal with the tragedy and begin to rebuild both themselves and their relationships.  By the end of the story we leave the Salmon family and their neighbours as much stronger developed individuals that are joined by their shared loss.



The obvious theme running through The Lovely Bones is grief and peoples differing reactions, especially when the death is a violent rape and murder of a child.  The book is a journey through this process which is both long and difficult and affects people differently.  By the books conclusion the main characters have worked their way through the grieving process allowing acceptance and stabilisation to shape their new lives.

Love and Acceptance

Hand in hand with grief comes love and acceptance.  Firstly love for Susie and acceptance of her death and then love of those that knew her and acceptance of their reactions to her death.  Initially the Salmon family try to break away from the love that binds them together.  None more so than Susie’s mother who escapes physically, but also her Father whose withdrawal takes an emotional form.  Once they accept that the love that binds them is nurturing, not suffocating they can begin to rebuild their lives.

Good versus Evil

Initially the theme of good and evil appear clear cut; Susie is good and Mr Harvey is bad.  However, as we learn about the events that have shaped Mr. Harvey, we develop an understanding and in some part a sympathy for him, but can anything justify what he did?  Susie feels not and she doesn’t just want to avenge her death, but protect others from his future actions.


Although the community initially react with anger, disbelieve and sorrow at the news of Susie’s rape and subsequent murder, they are soon able to shrug off the violence they have encountered and forget the victim.  This draws on the American historical view of rape, where it was not viewed as the violent crime it is now.  The book also suggests that communities need to be more vigilant of the dangers within, as well as supportive of its victims.


There is no doubting that the theme of this book is both disturbing and sad, but because you don’t have time to build a relationship with the main character, Susie, before her death it is hard to fully connect on an emotional level.  The subject of grief is well handled, however some of the characters lack the depth which would have made this book a more compelling read.  In summery it’s a very readable book as long as you don’t expect too much.

Score Averages:

Plot 3/5

Readability 4/5

Likely to recommend 4/5

Total 11/15

Questions/Discussion points:

1. In her heaven Susie surrounds herself with her favourite things.  What would you have in your heaven?

2. How does guilt manifest itself in the different characters of Susie’s life, her family, friends, the police and finally her murderer?

3. Do you think that Buckley can really see Susie, or is it his coping mechanism for dealing with her murder?

4. Is it possible to justify Abigail’s abandonment of her family?

5. The moral of the story could be that from tragedy comes healing.  Susie’s murder breaks apart her family, but also brings them back together, it also strengthens the community.  Can good come from evil?

Join in and leave us a comment!

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July is up, bring on an awesome August!

Posted by fran onFriday Aug 1, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Oh so 90's! Who remembers a certain kids TV programme called 'Tracy Beaker'? Well Prezzybox not only received an autograph from the lovely Dani Harmer (Miss Beaker herself), but also from the new guys on the block 'Collabro'! #claimtofame

We've began filming for product videos... which essentially meant a day outside in the sun for us. Attempting to look vaguely like pro's, Gareth from customer services also volunteered to get drenched in water bombs! We'll keep you updated with the video!

Get involved in our Instagram competition and you could get your hands on a swish summer picnic blanket! Simply follow us on Instagram and tag us using #prezzybox on your favourite summer snap!

Last but not least, we are celebrating the start of another month with a works night out tonight. Bring on the shots! We'll update you with antics next week... shhh don't tell the Boss, it's likely he'll be the one on the other end of the camera - hehe! :)

Have a good weekend!

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Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot!

Posted by fran onFriday Jul 25, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Hotter than this heatwave, the most stylish and scientific product this year has finally landed in stock, that's right, the amazing Smart Phone Projector! Only £15.95 what more could you want in a film viewing experience in your home! Visit the Daily Mail for the low down on this top product!

Mr Grey is back - when the trailer was released this week for '50 Shades of Grey' us girls were utterly melting, whilst staring at Jamie Dornan's hot bod. If you've not yet sweltered under this heated up video, and sung to this slowed down version of Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' then check it out here: 50 Shades of Grey Trailer.

The garden's been spruced up and we have a brand new table and chair set for our patio, therefore lunch has been solely for sunning ourselves! We've also been growing a garden for the little things in life, great for teaching children the roots to being fabulously green fingered!

We've had you lot talking your top hot hero's and and ways to cool down in this heat, our favourite suggestion being Flash, because he can do all the cleaning, quickly... well that figures.

And within a flash this sun will be gone again so get out this weekend and enjoy the rays, lush landscape and picnics galore! One more thing... if you want to chill out, out friend Dicko knows where to go for the perfect solution... visit The Dicko Show for more information!

For now, we leave you with this rather dandy sunset scenery :)


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Holiday Happiness & Heatwaves!

Posted by fran onFriday Jul 18, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Scarecrows, Sunshine & Snaps!

So as you may or may not know, Prezzybox are based in the countryside, far from the big and bustling city life! But this week, with a heatwave on it's way, the little shire that is Austrey all gathered to admire an array of Scarecrows galore!

Not only did our MD, Zak get asked to judge who won, but he literally got to 'follow the yellow brick road'!

We know what you are thinking... what's that weird last one meant to be? A goat, that's right. We may have been a little last minute with our attempt!

Polls has been 'wagging' work this week as she went off to the beach, and even tried out surfing! Why don't you send us your's or your pets holiday snaps on Instagram? Just follow us and use #prezzybox in a comment on the photo!

But what really got our goat this week is all these thunderbugs, and that over hanging talk of thunder! Heatwave we love you, we like a tan, summer picnics and camping, but pleaseeee don't combine this with horrendous amounts of water - unless this is a water fight!

We are also giving you another chance to get your hands on two awesome summer giveaways! Head over to The Student Guide and Twitter to enter!

Lighting and candles are all the rage this summer, whether you fancy an evening in the outdoors, or simply a cosy night in on the sofa, we have the perfect solution for both summer settings. Edge Magazine & Frost Magazine let you in on our lovely lighting this week.

Thanks for stopping by and keep updated here.

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So this week summer hit us with a bang - and by that I mean a little bit of sun, meant thousands of Thunderbugs attacking us, and a nice confusion of little black dots under our computer screens - photo editing, need I say no more.

Not that Polly needed one in this heat - but she decided the Dr Who scarf quite suited her and we think those Goaties may have wanted to try it out too!

Sam stunned us with his rad new ride... looking rather Mod with his Vespa! We may have got a little overexcited about the glove box and spare Tyre however.

Down went the electric on Thursday afternoon, which for an all online company meant "oooooo office clean up time everyone" (wild) plus the torture of an annoying house alarm going off for around an hour... #earswereringing

And yes, we did laugh when Gareth from Customer Services came downstairs and tried to flick the light on asking "Why are the lights not working?" hmm we wonder, there hasn't just been a massive power cut or anything! Hehe!

Today is the day! We are supporting Birmingham Children's Hospital with 'The Big Bandage', thanks to all who have helped raise money so far, if you'd like to donate you visit our Just Giving page here.

The MD has had a week of glory with his team still in the World Cup (Argentina) & being asked to judge the village Scarecrow festival - either he's highly thought of in the village or he looks like a scarecrow, so village folk assume he will make the best judgement... we think the latter. Of course, we couldn't not be involved... so the challenge to build a goat scarecrow is afoot!

The Dicko Show has moved on from hot sauce to sweet treats! Talking about our Gummy Candy Teddy Maker, check it out: The Dicko Show

Finally we wish the very best of luck to our Buyer, Keeley, with her interview for Rising Star Awards today! You'll smash it Keels!

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A life full of literature...

Posted by fran onMonday Jul 7, 2014 Under General Ramblings

Prezzybox Book Club!

"I think of life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to make sense."

We love burying our heads in a lovely bit of literature, and we also love weird and wonderful writing. You can now get lost in a book with us, ready to be inspired, insightful, and included in a piece of prose that'll bring you pure happiness.

This is how the Prezzybox Book Club will work, each month we will set a book to read and at the end of the month there will be a blog relating to the chosen book. Here we will ask questions and discuss through the comments.

But for now, we want you to suggest books we should add to the reading list... so help us out and comment below!

Simply follow our Pinterest board to keep up to date with the Book Club - join in on this month's read 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold.

We also want to know your favourite author... so give us a quote!



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Did someone say Christmas?

Posted by fran onFriday Jul 4, 2014 Under General Ramblings

BeDAZZLING Gifts & Cool Competitions!

Santa and Rudolph may not be on their way just yet but the Prezzybox Team are! This week our marketing lady Fran, & buyer Keeley attended Flared Communications 'BeDAZZLED' Christmas in July event - hauling a load of goodies with them!

They may have looked like the Chuckle Brothers carrying to and fro boxes of goodies around London's centre, but it was worth it to give our new friends that popped by some of our favourite products, and a cheeky bit of early Christmas cheer!

Not to mention we met Kirk Norcross (TOWIE), Liz McClarnon (ATOMIC KITTEN), Cheryl Fergison (EASTENDERS) & Jay Camilleri (MODEL) not to mention a bunch of other celebs and journos! To check out the full going's on at the event visit our Facebook album here: Christmas in July.

Thanks to our wonderful hosts, suppliers and guests!

In other news this week we will be supporting Birmingham Children's Hospital on the 11th July 2014 with their annual event 'The Big Bandage', if you'd like to get involved & donate you can visit our Just Giving page here. Simply wear a bandage for the day wherever you are!

We'd love to see and share your photos so get involved and send them in via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Last but not least...where better than to hold our competition to win the SLR Konstruktor Camera? You guessed it... Instagram! Simply follow us on Instagram and share with us your favourite photo using #prezzybox to enter!

Also, our literature loving has took one step further with the Prezzybox Book Club! Simply follow our Pinterest board to join in, have your say and suggest books!

Goodbye for now! #HappyFriday!



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BBQ Bonanzas & London Loving!

Posted by fran onFriday Jun 27, 2014 Under General Ramblings

So as you (probably) know we are based in a country farmhouse in the middle of the very lovely (& quiet) Warkwickshire. Our days at work tend to consist of hard work plus gallons of fun & of course...goats. This week was like any other. Awesome.

We began with a BBQ, initially to watch the England game however, this quickly turned into bevvys, good food and friendly chit chat.  Our garden patio project was soon finished, and BBQ King Barney needed a crown for simply keeping the sausages on the BBQ - whilst John (the CEO) was trying his luck at shooting some hoops!

As you can imagine, after the normal Prezzybox scene, when Fran and Sam from Marketing visited London it was a little different to our office at Prezzybox HQ...

Besides the bustling city that kept us awake at night, the cramped tubes and aching feet - we did get to see the sights, meet some fantastic journalists from the Sunday Express, and Channel 4's Gadget Man,  as well as absorb the knowledge of trusty marketers alike! To both Marketing Week Live and our journo friends, thanks for having us!

On top of all that, you lovely lot can also be in for a chance of winning some fab prizes with our friends over at Hyper Recruitment Systems just head over to twitter to enter @RickMartin247 or @Prezzybox!

Finally, we have gathered all the gear for our Christmas in July event on Tuesday, and we are prepared for all, with goodies galore, prosecco at the ready and our perfect Prezzybox products for everyone to see! Wish us luck!

Thanks for popping by the Prezzyblog!




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